What Can I Do?

Writing this post was particularly difficult for me, because the lesson is one that constantly hits me right between the eyes in more ways than one. When we trip and fall, our immediate response is to do what we can to get back up on our feet so we can keep going to reach our destination. When we “fall” in life, doing what we can to fix our messes is much easier said than done especially if we have hurt other people, but making things right is necessary in order to succeed.

Part of having a healthy body includes having the right kind of thoughts and heart attitude. Having a right heart attitude includes having a right relationship with other people.

Going back to my theme in previous posts of “can/cannot”, the third Bible verse in my study is in Genesis 31. In the story of Jacob, we see how he was deceived multiple times by his father-in-law Laban. The first time was when Jacob had served Laban for seven years so he could marry Laban’s daughter Rachel. However, Jacob was disappointed on his wedding day when Laban gave Leah to him instead. Jacob worked another seven years for Rachel since she was the one he loved. He then worked an additional six years for Laban’s cattle. During that 20-year period, Laban changed Jacob’s wages ten times. Jacob was understandably angry. When he confronted Laban in Genesis 31, Laban did not deny what he did. I love what Laban said in verse 43:

” . . . These daughters are my daughters, and these children are my children, and these cattle are my cattle, and all that thou seest is mine, and what can I do this day unto these my daughters, or unto their children which they have born?”

Laban knew what he had done, and he knew Jacob was angry. When we know we have messed up . . . whether it’s with our diet, exercise, or with anything in life, the first thing we have to ask ourselves is, “What can I do”. Sometimes the answer to the question is obvious; sometimes it’s not. As a Christian, I believe we must also pray and ask God to forgive us when we’ve done wrong. If we have wronged another person, we must go to that person and ask for their forgiveness, regardless of how difficult it may be.

Having right relationships with other people is not only essential to good health (mental and physical), but it is essential to a right relationship with God. Notice in Genesis 31:51-52 how Laban carried out his intent to make things right with Jacob:

“And Laban said to Jacob, ‘Behold this heap, and behold this pillar, which I have cast betwixt me and thee;

“This heap be witness, and this pillar be witness, that I will not pass over this heap to thee, and that thou shalt not pass over this heap and this pillar unto me, for harm.”

We won’t always see eye-to-eye with others even after we have restored our relationships with them, but a restored relationship proves that we can put aside our differences for a much greater good. Remember, when we make mistakes, we have to ask ourselves what we can do to fix them, and then take necessary steps to correct the mistakes. If we have wronged other people, we must take responsibility for our actions. We must do what we can to make things right with those who we have sinned against. Only then will our relationship with God be restored.

Until next time . . . let’s keep on running!!

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